May 7, 2020 all-day

Join us for a virtual GWC Spring Membership Meeting
May 7, 2020
10am – Noon
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Trust Fund Constitutional Amendment

We’ll take a short victory lap reviewing how we ended up winning in the Senate. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will preview what our statewide ballot campaign will look like and leave with action steps members can take right now to support honesty in environmental trust funds! (include photo of tire roll? Attached)

Coal Ash

We’ll talk about our coal ash progress at the legislature and what we still have to accomplish. We’ll talk about the plans that EPD still has to permit coal ash pits that are leaking into groundwater and we’ll talk about how people can continue to help even in the era of COVID -19.

Stop HB 545: Right to Harm Bill

House Bill 545, the blatant property rights grab by industrial protein producers, has been revealed for what it is. Thousands of row crop farmers, timber growers, other rural property owners, and city dwellers who care about the GA landscape joined with the GA Water Coalition to grind the bill to a halt in the Senate. But the job may not be over for this year, and the issue may resurface in 2021 or beyond. Learn how you can help put the nails in the coffin of HB 545, defending GA property rights and our precious water resources from large, manure and urine producing corporations.

Biennial Report Revision – Time to submit your recommendations

It’s that time again—time to review and revise the Georgia Water Coalition’s biennial report of water policy recommendations! Every two years, we revisit our guiding principles and the policy recommendations that guide our work to see if changes need to be made or new recommendations need to be added. And this year, we are rolling out an exciting new process using online forms and surveys! During the meeting, we’ll explain how the new process works and kick off the formal review period. To see the current biennial report, click here.

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