Revising the GWC’s Biennial Report of Recommendations

Every two years, since 2002, the Georgia Water Coalition has released a report of recommendations for protecting and restoring Georgia’s water resources. This report serves as the foundation for our water advocacy work. All of our GWC members are given the opportunity to provide input during the revision process. We work to address new issues that have developed since the last report and also to determine if any old issues have since been resolved. For instance, during the revision process in 2016, we added language about pipelines, fracking, and sea level rise. All changes to the report are agreed upon by consensus of those members that are present at the biennial revision meeting.

This summer on July 18th we will be revising our 2017 Biennial Report at the Alcovy Conservation Center in Covington. The revision process will be in two parts:

  1. A team recently pulled all of the policy positions/recommendations that were in the report and put them in a spreadsheet. They asked some questions in the spreadsheet that we need our members to answer.  Questions like “How did this position originate?”  “Is it still relevant?”  The spreadsheet was sent to all of our GWC members on June 15th.  Members were asked to answer the questions for the policy positions that matter the most to them.  We also asked our members to let us know of any new water related issues that have arisen since our last revision in 2016. All input should be submitted to Chris Manganiello at [email protected] by July 5th.
  2. On July 18th we will meet in person and go over the entire report, all recommendations that were sent in early, additional recommendations that are presented at the meeting, and vote on the changes to the report.

The new report will be created during the fall of 2018 and will be released in January of 2019. Watch your email for announcements about the revision process and for information about registering for the July 18th membership meeting. If you have any questions please contact Gina Rogers, GWC Director of Operations at [email protected]