Clean 13


2017 Clean 13 Report - Check back here for an active link as soon as the report is published!


The Georgia Water Coalition’s inaugural Clean 13 Report will highlight extraordinary efforts on the part of businesses, industries, local governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals to protect the water and natural resources of Georgia. Examples include:

  • businesses using innovation to solve pressing environmental problems;
  • local governments going above and beyond minimum requirements to protect water or land;
  • industries reducing water use, eliminating waste or implementing other sustainability programs;
  • non-profit organizations leveraging citizen activism to create change in their communities; or,
  • individuals leading projects to solve a community-wide water pollution problem.

By highlighting these efforts, the Coalition hopes to inspire others to emulate this work and create cleaner, stronger, more sustainable communities across the state. Anyone may submit a Clean 13 nomination…including the entity seeking recognition.

Click here to view the nomination form.

The Clean 13 Celebration event will be held March 8, 2018 at the Mason Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.

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