Coal Ash

Coal ash is the waste left over from burning coal.  It contains toxic metals and cancer-causing chemicals.  It can be stored in ponds near coal plants or in your local landfill.  See the map below for ash ponds and landfills near you. You can view a sample Coal Ash resolution passed by Brunswick by clicking here - Coal Ash Resolution.  And Take Action Now by asking your elected officials to protect your water and your family from toxic coal ash waste.  Learn more about the dangers of coal ash from Southeast Coal Ash by clicking here.  You can also download our fact sheet about coal ash.

Use the map tabs below to find coal ash ponds in your district, county, or river basin, or CLICK HERE to open the map in a new window

If you would like to contact a representative of the Georgia Water Coalition with questions about coal ash, contact:

Jennette Gayer, Environment Georgia, 404-370-1764
Amelia Shenstone, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, 865.637.6055 x49