Donate and support Georgia’s premier statewide water advocacy network.  The Georgia Water Coalition has been the watchdog over Georgia’s finite water resources since 2002. We work collaboratively and transparently to ensure that Georgia’s surface and groundwater is protected and conserved so that all Georgian’s have access to clean plentiful water.

Georgia River Network is the fiscal agent for the Georgia Water Coalition. You can make donations at our membership meetings or pay by check or credit card any time of the year.

To Pay by Check: Make all checks out to Georgia River Network and mark GWC and any specific designations in the memo. Mail to: Georgia River Network at 126 South Milledge Ave. Ste. E3, Athens, GA 30605

To Pay By Credit Card: To make a personal donation, pay voluntary organizational dues (explained below) or sponsor an event use the links below. If you have trouble with those links, you can alternatively pay via our Square Up application, pay by clicking here.

Voluntary Membership Dues and Donations

Make a general donation or pay voluntary membership dues to support our work. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read more about voluntary membership dues.

Capitol Conservation Day Sponsorship

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As we seek to deepen and widen our effect in the legislature and all across Georgia, GWC Leadership felt it appropriate to ask all GWC members to support this work with a VOLUNTARY dues structure.  We strongly encourage you to participate in this voluntary dues initiative. You do NOT have to pay dues to be a member of the Coalition. The following schedule of voluntary dues was implemented in spring 2017:

Member Groups with Budgets of

$0 to $24,999                          $25 voluntary dues per year

$25,000 to $99,999                 $50 voluntary dues per year

$100,000 to $249,999             $100 voluntary dues per year

$250,000 to $499,999             $200 voluntary dues per year

$500,000 and up                     $400 voluntary dues per year

To learn more about how the Coalition is funded and how we share resources to help GWC member groups build capacity and advocate for their local waters, please contact Gina Rogers.