HB 1150 – Bad Neighbor Bill

HB 1150 - Bad Neighbor Bill

A bill—HB 1150 (Rep. Dickey, R-Musella)—was introduced on February 1st to revive the attack on rural property rights, opening up long-time Georgia landowners to serious impacts from newly arrived large-scale corporate meat-production operations.

Georgia’s long-standing good neighbor laws already protect our family farmers and ranchers from lawsuits, and have done so since the 1980s. And our laws protect the property rights of not only existing agriculture but also other rural residents. Georgia’s legislature should keep these important protections intact. HB 1150 strips these protections and balances Georgia law in the favor of new industries backed by international meat conglomerates to the disadvantage of family farms, ranches, and other long-time property owners.

GWC opposes HB 1150

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