Suggest A Priority Water Policy Issue for the GWC

The Georgia Water Coalition chooses no more than 3 issues of focus for each legislative session.  The Leadership Team maintains a pipeline of issues that we call the "Next Big Thing(s)" as issues to keep in mind as we look to elevate issues of focus. The Next Big Thing will be chosen by the Leadership Team based on current events regarding the issue and our realistic ability to influence an outcome. Even if one of these issues does not become a GWC priority, many GWC groups will continue to work on each one of these issues.

Criteria for determining legislative priorities

  • Is this issue addressed in the Biennial Report/Strategic Plan?
  • Can we quantify or demonstrate how the priority/proposed priority impacts any of the following: the health, safety, quantity, quality of Georgia’s water, public health, property rights?
  • What groups/communities in Georgia are working on this issue?  Which are opposed? Who is not working on it?
  • Is there a non-legislative (eg., local ordinance, DNR rulemaking, litigation, etc.) strategy that takes precedence over and/or complements a legislative strategy?
  • Why is a legislative action necessary?
  • How does this priority include engaged diverse voices, create equity, and include more voices in our network?
  • Are there impacted communities already working on this? Does this issue “excite” our members?
  • Are there funding opportunities for this issue?
  • How do we define a “win” on this priority issue?
  • What are the chances of making progress/incremental wins/overall win?
  • What is the timeframe to achieve this “win”? Are there incremental wins along the way?
  • What resources are needed (technical, communications, etc.) to achieve our goal?

To suggest an issue to be considered for a priority water policy issue, fill out the form below. We will be in touch to let you know if your idea meets the above criteria.

If you have questions, email Damon Mullis.