Voluntary Membership Dues

Your voluntary dues help make our work possible! You can donate by check or credit / debit card. Georgia River Network is the fiscal agent for the Georgia Water Coalition.

Pay by Check
Make checks out to Georgia River Network.  Be sure to write "GWC" and any specific fund designations on the memo of the check.  They will make sure that the money gets to the right places to produce good results at the Capitol and elsewhere in our state’s water policy apparatus.  You can bring your checks to our membership meetings or mail them. Please mail your check to: Georgia River Network at 126 South Milledge Ave. Ste. E3 Athens, GA 30605

Pay by Credit Card
You can pay by credit card, by clicking the donate button.

Your Voluntary Dues Make a Difference

Have you noticed? The GA Water Coalition is a winning team, delivering victories for clean, flowing water for Georgians for over 20 years.

Have you ever wondered how all of this is paid for? In a nutshell here’s how it works:  Thirteen GWC member groups on the Leadership Team and thirteen additional groups on the Legislative Team use grant monies and their own membership donations to fund strategic work directed at legislative results.  Funds are spent to support staffers in those groups that develop water policy, strategies, and tactics. Even more is spent on GA Water Coalition membership meetings including training events.  The total costs approach $500,000 a year and they are increasing.

The money is spent on a full-time lobbying presence at the Capitol, every day of the session, accompanied by as many as 11 part-time lobbyists depending upon the day and the issue; a full time statewide Director of Operations; contractors to coordinate key elements of outreach and communications; an online communications platform which houses our database and Protect Georgia; special rallies at the Capitol, plus Capitol Conservation Day; the website; our social media presence, Clean 13 awards and fundraiser event; member group training; and more.

As we seek to deepen and widen our effect in the legislature and all across Georgia, GWC Leadership felt it appropriate to ask all GWC members to support this work with a VOLUNTARY dues structure.  We strongly encourage you to participate in this voluntary dues initiative. You do NOT have to pay dues to be a member of the Coalition.

The following schedule of voluntary dues was discussed and approved at the Leadership retreat in spring 2017:

Member Groups with Budgets of

$0 to $24,999                          $25 voluntary dues per annum

$25,000 to $99,999                 $50 voluntary dues per annum

$100,000 to $249,999             $100 voluntary dues per annum

$250,000 to $499,999             $200 voluntary dues per annum

$500,000 and up                     $400 voluntary dues per annum

Thank you for giving serious consideration to supporting the GA Water Coalition with your voluntary dues.  We hope you elect to participate and pay your voluntary dues this autumn. Georgia will be cleaner and our water bodies will have more flow because of your contribution of money, on top of the hard work that each of you is already doing. Thank you!